ALERT! Unfortunately the 2022 Tournament has been CANCELLED. Details below.

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December 12, 2021

  The Auld Reid Tournament committee says Thank you for your trust, support and patience as we worked to try and make the 2022 Auld-Reid Hockey Tournament a great weekend experience in Niagara Falls.  We were very hopeful that vaccinations would be sufficient to keep COVID 19 in check and allow us to safely hold the 44th tournament. That has been the consistent caveat to all our efforts from day one.

    Unfortunately new daily cases of COVID have continued to rise across the Niagara region and Ontario since early November and as a result,  updated Regional instructions have been issued and COVID protocols have been upgraded/changed.

   We looked at possible ways to ensure compliance (safety) with room capacity, time limits to shower, potential delays in the schedule for injuries etc. and still ensure an enjoyable, safe event.  What’s more, the protocols could very well change again leaving no time to effectively react. Ultimately, we could not find a satisfactory way to do it.
    We feel that no one should get caught up with "what" measures are mandated as much as "why" measures are needed.

    Therefore, our committee has unanimously and regretfully agreed to CANCEL the January 2022 tournament.

We have not given up on 2022. We will look at a possible combination hockey/golf event in late spring= would you be interested?

   We’d like to thank the City arena staff and management for working closely with Winston Auld to try make this tourney happen. Thanks to the many sponsors, restaurants, and hotels who were also looking forward to your visit!!

   Refunds will be done once you confirm how you want your refund=  We can e-transfer or mail a cheque.
ALL ENTRY FEES WILL BE RETURNED Please reply to this email address 

We sincerely hope you will consider coming to Niagara for the weekend despite the tournament cancellation.   Thank you again for your support and understanding.  


Hope you are all able to return next year!!

                       Auld Reid Hockey Tournament Committee


The Annual Auld Reid Oldtimers is a safe hockey tournament for adults aged 35 to 60+
that takes place every January in beautiful Niagara Falls Ontario.

To learn more about the Auld Reid and see our history click on 'Legacy-History' on the
left to learn why the tournament exists and what the future plans are.

If your team is interested in playing in the 2022 Auld Reid Tournament you

    If you have questions please contact us at:
Alternative = The Niagara Falls Cataracts Tournament takes place in March and they may
have openings. Click on the link below to go to the Cataracts web site.



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