Auld Reid Tournament


April 13, 2019

Auld Reid Tournament Charitable Donations
Thank you to all who support this tournament each year.
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Pictured: Al Dobbin Co Chair, Doug Aitchison Registrar,
Winston Auld Co Chair, and Mike Verbeem Treasurer

The Auld Reid Oldtimers Hockey Tournament is very proud that they donate to so many
local charities in our communities. The Members of both the Mick & Angelo's
Prehistoric Oldtimer's, the Grand Central Old Guns and the Volunteers
who work this tournament are a big part of what we

The 2019 Tournament donated $13,000.00 to our community charities and
as usual we hope to match or increase this amount again in 2020.

We can't do this without the support of all the teams that participate and
all the workers who do the great job in helping run this tournament.

Again, Thank You to all who support this tournament each year.

The Auld Reid Tournament Committee makes donations yearly.
Here are the donations made after the 2019 Tournament:

St. John's Ambulance $    700.00
Heart Niagara $ 1,500.00
G.N.G.H. $ 1,000.00
Boys & Girls Club $ 1,000.00
Salvation Army Toys $ 1,000.00
Salvation Army Food $ 1,000.00
Walker Cancer $ 1,500.00
Project Share $ 1,000.00
Community Outreach $ 1,000.00
Junior C Education Fund $    500.00
N.F. Minor Hockey $    500.00
N.F. Recreational Hockey $    500.00
Special Needs $   700.00
Niagara Children's Centre $    500.00
Canada Helps Hockey $    200.00
Shaver Hospital
          (Celebrity Ice Cup)

$    300.00
           TOTAL  DONATED $12,900.00